Investigative reporting

‘Health is not always sexy for journalists. Why not?’
Will Fitzgibbon · December 18, 2018

Peru’s Fabiola Torres had a deeply personal reason to start reporting on the health industry, but it is her ‘curious’ nature that keeps her going.

Implant Files in Asia: Regulation and transparency on medical devices remains patchy while patients suffer
Scilla Alecci · December 12, 2018

A lack of regualtion, over treatment, and not enough reporting of incidents relating to medical devices. Here’s a snapshot of what our Asian partners found in the Implant Files.

‘I was told they were 100 percent safe:’ Breast implant stories from around the world
Sasha Chavkin · December 11, 2018

A new survey reconfirms the Implant Files investigation findings, with patients saying they were not informed of device-related risks.

Investigative Reporting: Shoe-leather, data and empathy
Sasha Chavkin · December 10, 2018

For one reporter working on the Implant Files investigation, discovering the sisterhood – and the power – of women-led patient groups was an eye-opening experience.

Looking for answers in blacked-out documents and hidden records
Scilla Alecci · December 6, 2018

How reporters fought for accountability on health risks and conflicts of interest tied to medical devices.

Medical Devices Harm Patients Worldwide As Governments Fail On Safety
ICIJ · November 25, 2018

A global investigation reveals the rising human toll of lax controls and testing standards pushed by a booming industry.

Frequently asked questions and resources for readers
Amy Wilson-Chapman · November 25, 2018

This resource aims to arm readers with information that makes informed decisions about medical devices easier.

Do events in the Implant Files sound familiar? Share your story with the world
ICIJ · November 25, 2018

Reporters across the world want your help.

Data analysis, accountability and a little humor: The best of Uncovering Asia 2018
Amy Wilson-Chapman · October 30, 2018

More than 400 investigative journalists descended on Seoul to hone their skills and develop accountability journalism.