Investigative reporting

A trip to Bermuda draws an odd call from the government
Will Fitzgibbon · December 11, 2017

ICIJ’s reporter visited Bermuda to learn more about the island, and its resident law firm Appleby, but when he returned back to the U.S. he got a mysterious phone call.

'Blindly trusting Members of European Parliament to follow rules without any oversight is utopian'
ICIJ · December 7, 2017

Slovenian investigative reporter Anuška Delić, who made the Politico 28 Class of 2018, talks about how her MEP project got started and the challenges she faced.

The End Of Elusion For PokerStars
Simon Bowers · December 4, 2017

An online gambling firm used the offshore world to cater to U.S. players until a Justice Department crackdown.

The Panama Papers effect: An adaptation from Secrecy World
Jake Bernstein · November 22, 2017

How can the world break through of secrecy of the offshore world?

The offshore connections of Latin American leaders revealed
Sasha Chavkin and Emilia Díaz-Struck · November 21, 2017

Current and former presidents, ministers and business leaders are among the prominent citizens whose business dealings in tax and secrecy havens have been uncovered.

Paradise Papers helps students learn about offshore finance
ICIJ · November 20, 2017

How do tax havens work? Who benefits from using them? And who loses out? The Pulitzer Center’s takes these questions to classrooms.

Watch: Vice News - Paradise Papers Investigation
ICIJ · November 13, 2017

Vice came behind the scenes with ICIJ from day-one of the Paradise Papers investigation.

‘Offshore Magic Circle’ Law Firm Has Record of Compliance Failures
Will Fitzgibbon · November 5, 2017

A secret stash of documents provide inside view of storied legal practice founded in Bermuda.

ICIJ releases The Paradise Papers
ICIJ · November 5, 2017

ICIJ today releases The Paradise Papers, a global investigation that reveals the offshore activities of some of the world’s most powerful people and companies.