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Secrets of the Masters

'Never Forget You Have Only One Boss: the Truth'

Thomas MaierFind subjects where you can break new ground. Record key interviews on video or audio. And remember that a lot of your own faults can be overcome by sheer reporting effort. Stellar tips for investigative reporting from award-winning author and journalist Thomas Maier.
Secrets of the Masters

'Be sure this way of life is something you are keen on, because it will eat up your time'

Michael BiltonThe riches contained in this questionnaire with multi-award-winning investigative journalist Michael Bilton rival the wealth of his decades-long output at the London Sunday Times and as a documentary film-maker. Read on to learn details about his research methodology, and why a significant investment of time is the most critical component of each investigative report.
Secrets of the Masters

Be careful of the “master narrative”

Maud BeelmanMaud Beelman, founding director of ICIJ and now deputy managing editor for investigations and enterprise at The Dallas Morning News, has a strategic four-part checklist which helps her prioritize which stories to go after. She shares them here, as well as the most important lessons learned over the years, and how to make the most of the limited time and resources you are given.
Secrets of the Masters

'There are no bad sources, only incompetent reporters'

Rui AraujoNever go up against defenseless people. Never lie to your sources. Use the "two-step" approach when questioning. Investigative reporting techniques and journalism's moral code according to Portugal's "troublemaker" Rui Araujo.
Secrets of the Masters

Be inventive and patient

Alexenia Dimitrova.Bulgarian investigative journalist and author Alexenia Dimitrova reveals how she uses Freedom of Information laws in several countries to uncover hidden secrets of the Cold War, how the imprisonment of her father spurred her on, and the rewards of patience.
Secrets of the Masters

It pays to look beyond so-called ‘experts’ in the field

Jenny NordbergNew York-based Jenny Nordberg discusses how she applies knowledge of human behavior to her interviews, the thrill of finding disturbing things just under the surface, the pretentiousness of the term ‘investigative journalist’, and how global networks like the ICIJ help expose "juicy" stories.


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