The Global Muckraker
Why You Should Turn Your Investigative Report into an eBook
Roger Fidler · October 1, 2012

The digital media guru explains how eBooks make investigative journalism easier to access and read on mobile devices, and how they could provide a valuable revenue stream.

‘Don’t get lured into journalistic group think’
Maud Beelman · September 24, 2012

Maud Beelman shares how investigative reporters can make the most of limited time and resources using a four-part checklist to help prioritize which stories to go after.

Can Journalists Really Investigate Dictatorships?
ICIJ · September 19, 2012

How to work stories in oppressive regimes: sometimes the answer is less complicated than you might think.

Civil Trial Postponed in U.S. Human Tissue Harvesting Scandal
Michael Hudson · September 18, 2012

A New York judge has postponed a civil trial that would have delved into how a major player in the global trade in human tissue obtains skin, bones and other body parts that are recycled into medical devices.

Convention Offers Fresh Hope For Jack Mackerel
Mort Rosenblum and Mar Cabra · September 11, 2012

Jack mackerel, decimated by years of free-for-all overfishing in the southern Pacific, now stands a strong chance of recovery with new legally binding measures to protect it.

The Jungle Highway
ICIJ · September 11, 2012

Reporters for a new cross-border journalism group, Connectas, traveled 700 kilometers along the new highway cutting through the Amazon to document its impact. Here’s an excerpt of the series from ICIJ member and Connectas founder Carlos Eduardo Huertas.

‘There Are No Bad Sources, Only Incompetent Reporters’
Rui Araujo · September 10, 2012

There is no democracy without efficient institutions and too many journalists passively accept this, says Portuguese investigative journalist and “troublemaker” Rui Araujo.

How Investigative Journalism Produces Results
Gerard Ryle · September 10, 2012

There were several important developments in recent days linked to our exposure of the international trade in human tissues. Here’s how investigative reporters can work together to produce better journalism and effect change.

Muckrakers and Newshounds: A Treasury of Books about Great Investigative Reporters
Michael Hudson · August 29, 2012

Whenever I get discouraged about the business I work in, I turn to my favorite books about journalists who struggled to overcome these obstacles and expose all manner of bullies, charlatans, grafters and kleptocrats. Here are some of my favorites.