Digital journalism

‘Be paranoid’: How one reporter learned the danger of metadata
Ross Coulthart · May 21, 2015

If you think that authorities have more important things to do than investigate the source of leaks, think again.

Technology, tradition, and a golden age of muckraking
Sheila Coronel · October 21, 2014

Are we living in a Golden Age of investigative journalism? The answer depends on who you ask, and where they’ve come from.

Bird’s eye view: How satellite imagery is making the news
Sheila Coronel · September 2, 2014

Three very different stories show how satellite images, until recently confined to the weather report, are now the stuff of front-page news.

‘I’m not a spy:’ Reporters reveal surveillance fears
Hamish Boland-Rudder · July 28, 2014

U.S. government surveillance is scaring sources and making journalists feel like criminals and spies, a new report says.

ICIJ to build Global I-Hub, a new secure collaboration tool
Hamish Boland-Rudder and Mar Cabra · July 17, 2014

Collaborative journalism will get a boost from a new secure hub for reporters, which ICIJ will build with a Knight Foundation grant.

Digital, data experts to enhance ICIJ’s cross-border reporting
ICIJ · May 16, 2014

As part of our commitment to collaborative big data projects, ICIJ has hired full-time programmers and a digital expert to further strengthen our credentials.

Happy birthday Offshore Leaks – what we’ve learned, and what the future holds
Gerard Ryle · April 4, 2014

A year after the first articles were published, we look back on what’s been achieved, and forward to what is still to come.

How to Publish an E-Book: Part Three
Jennifer Cooke · February 27, 2013

In this final part of our definitive guide to publishing your long-form journalism yourself as an e-book, learn how to deal with pesky issues such as DRM and tax.

How to Publish an E-Book: Part Two
Jennifer Cooke · February 25, 2013

So your work of long-form journalism is nicely formatted for the various e-book platforms. Take the next step: uploading.