Mossack Fonseca

UK backs Panama Papers crackdown on ‘dirty money’
Simon Bowers · May 1, 2018

The U.K. will force its overseas territories, including some well-known corporate secrecy havens, to reveal the names of company owners in these locations.

Offshore laws remain 'weak' for majority of G20 post-Panama Papers
Fergus Shiel · April 30, 2018

Transparency International found the majority of G20 countries still have no idea who ultimately controls many companies.

The Panama Papers revisited: yogurt, bananas, small moustaches and fonts
Will Fitzgibbon · April 3, 2018

Here are 11 unexpected insights from our 2016 investigation, the Panama Papers.

Panama Papers law firm Mossack Fonseca closes its doors
Will Fitzgibbon · March 14, 2018

The offshore law firm at the center of ICIJ’s Panama Papers investigation will shutter all its offices by the end of the month.

Where Are They Now? A Year Later, Mixed Fortunes For Panama Papers Line-Up
Will Fitzgibbon · April 3, 2017

One year after the Panama Papers first became an international catchphrase, here’s a globe-hopping update on the people and institutions caught up in the scandal.

Twelve Months of Investigations, Impact and Outrage
Scilla Alecci · April 3, 2017

One year ago, ICIJ launched the biggest investigation in journalism history: the Panama Papers. It sparked protests, resignations, arrests and fierce debate around the world. And that was just the beginning.

Panama Prosecutor Claims ‘Solid Case’ Against Mossack Fonseca
Will Fitzgibbon · March 27, 2017

The law firm at the heart of the Panama Papers affair, sold shell companies and held bank accounts that were used to help conceal bribes paid across South America, a Panamanian prosecutor alleged at a press conference.

Panama claims ‘solid case’ against Mossack Fonseca
Will Fitzgibbon and Hamish Boland-Rudder · March 27, 2017

The firm at the heart of the Panama Papers has been accused of selling shell companies and holding bank accounts that were used to help conceal bribes.

Founders of Panama Papers Law Firm Arrested on Money Laundering Charges
Will Fitzgibbon, Emilia Díaz-Struck and Michael Hudson · February 11, 2017

Police in Panama arrested the founders of Mossack Fonseca, the law firm at the center of the Panama Papers scandal, on money laundering charges Thursday after authorities raided the firm’s headquarters as part of investigations into Brazil’s largest-ever bribery scandal.

Journalists Hang Tough in Face of Backlash Against Panama Papers Reporting
Will Fitzgibbon · December 1, 2016

Reporters have faced consequences both in nations where media crackdowns are common and also in nations with reputations for high levels of press freedom.