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Offshore finance

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China's elite linked to secret offshore entities

xi jinpingICIJ has today published the latest part of the largest investigative reporting project in its 15-year history – revealing that close relatives of China’s top leaders have held secretive entities in offshore tax havens usually associated with hidden wealth.
Offshore finance

Unlocking the secrets of the Cook Islands

The author of ICIJ and the New York Times' joint investigation of the Cook Islands describes the hidden world of the Cooks' offshore economy, a "lawsuit-proof" paradise where the wealthy stash their assets.

Offshore Leaks data revealed

Learn how to use the ICIJ Offshore Leaks Database

how we built the offshore leaks databaseA new video tutorial explains everything you need to know about how to use ICIJ's Offshore Leaks Database. Follow these steps to search more than 100,000 secret entities by country, keyword or by accessing the raw data directly.
Offshore Leaks data revealed

ICIJ database cracks open secret world

icij offshore leaks databaseOur web app allows the public to search more than 100,000 secret companies, trusts and funds created in offshore locales such as the British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Cook Islands and Singapore.
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How ICIJ chose our offshore reporting partners

offshoreleaksAt ICIJ we collaborate on “deep dive” stories that cross borders, then release our findings to media partners without cost. Here's how we choose which reporters to work with, and the organizations to publish the finished work.
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