Swiss banking

Ex-HSBC Swiss Banker Pleads Guilty in $1.8 Billion French Tax Case
Will Fitzgibbon · August 7, 2019

The former head of the bank’s private Swiss unit has been fined for his part in helping wealthy clients hide $1.8 billion from French authorities.

How investigative journalism exposed the Swiss tax ‘rip off’
Martha M. Hamilton · August 7, 2018

ICIJ member Oliver Zihlmann is part of a team of investigative reporters working to bring change to one of the most important tax havens in the world.

Swiss authorities propose major money-laundering law reforms
Martha M. Hamilton and Will Fitzgibbon · June 11, 2018

Switzerland’s federal government appears poised to crack down on money laundering in the wake of Panama Papers.

US, Switzerland singled out by new financial secrecy index
Cecile S. Gallego · January 30, 2018

Switzerland has delayed and the U.S. has refused to take part in reforms aimed at curbing financial secrecy, according to the Tax Justice Network’s new Financial Secrecy Index.

HSBC to pay $352m to settle tax evasion charges in France
Martha M. Hamilton · November 15, 2017

HSBC has agreed to pay $352 million to settle charges that it helped wealthy clients of its private Swiss bank evade taxes in France.

Report on HSBC’s rocky road to reform in US to be made public
Hamish Boland-Rudder · January 31, 2016

A judge has ruled that a report on HSBC’s attempts to fix compliance issues should be public, despite resistance from both the bank and the government.

Seven times tax evasion made headlines in 2015
Cecile S. Gallego · December 29, 2015

From tax cheats to heated policy debates, 2015 has been a year of tax scandals, reforms and international agreements.

Falciani absent as Swiss begin criminal trial over HSBC data
Martha M. Hamilton · November 3, 2015

Prosecutors opened the criminal trial of a former HSBC IT worker accused of theft, but the defendant refused to leave France to face charges.

‘We didn’t get everything right’: Lord Green concedes on HSBC
Hamish Boland-Rudder · July 21, 2015

A former head of the embattled bank and current member of Britain’s House of Lords has conceded compliance failures at the bank’s Swiss branch.

HSBC pays Swiss authorities record-breaking fine
Hamish Boland-Rudder · June 4, 2015

Four months after a historic police raid, Geneva’s prosecutor dropped a criminal probe into HSBC, but left the bank with a warning.