LuxLeaks, SwissLeaks win top Data Journalism Award
ICIJ · June 18, 2015

ICIJ pays tribute to whistleblowers and journalist facing charges as team of more than 200 honored with top prize.

Offshore Leaks honored with Indian journalism prize
ICIJ · March 25, 2015

The KCK Award for ICIJ’s investigation comes as the Indian government starts to crack down on “black cash” held in offshore accounts.

ICIJ work on offshore secrecy awarded Polk prize
ICIJ · February 16, 2015

The team behind ICIJ’s long-running tax havens and offshore secrecy investigation has been recognized with a top journalism award.

Tribute paid to journalism’s silent heroes with award win
ICIJ · April 25, 2014

The Overseas Press Club award went to the many journalists who worked on Offshore Leaks, but there are more brave people who will never be officially recognized.

Offshore Leaks honored with top investigative reporting prize
ICIJ · April 3, 2014

IRE judges applaud the global tax haven investigation for its wide reach and significant impact, awarding ICIJ’s team a top prize and a finalists’ mention.

Stars start to align for bill to outlaw shell corporations
Leslie Wayne · March 19, 2014

An NGO’s $1 million TED prize win, new backers in Congress, and global action against corporate secrecy have boosted one senator’s hopes for his bill against shell corporations.

ICIJ award winners announced
ICIJ · October 15, 2013

Reporters at the Wall Street Journal and Uppdrag granskning Swedish Television won the 2013 ICIJ awards for cross-border investigative reporting.

Powerful cross-border stories on crime, corruption and public health are Daniel Pearl Awards finalists
Sasha Chavkin · September 12, 2013

ICIJ has selected six groundbreaking reports as finalists for the 2013 Daniel Pearl Awards, which honor excellence in cross-border investigative reporting.

ICIJ, Center win 3 Sigma Delta Chi Awards
The Center for Public Integrity · April 23, 2013

The ICIJ won 1st Place honors in the Society of Professional Journalists’ Sigma Delta Chi Awards for the “Skin and Bone” investigation into the global trade in human body parts.