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Secrets of the masters

'Capture the popular imagination'

Sheila Coronel describes how she uncovered a trail of money, mistresses and mansions that helped bring down a former president of the Philippines, and shares her vision for fostering investigative journalism among her students.
Secrets of the masters

'Be Prepared To Be Disliked'

David LeighThe Guardian's investigations editor lists the essential skills to get a journalism job, and the most important lesson he's learned over the years.
Why do we practice journalism?

An Investigative Reporting Manifesto

Carlos Dada investigates corruption in one of the deadliest regions of the world for independent journalists: Central America. In his Anna Politkovskaya Award acceptance speech he questions the role of the journalist and why we practice in such risky environments.
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ICIJ Welcomes Four New Members

They are four independent investigative journalists in three continents, all women, doing the painstaking, unglamorous and often dangerous work of following the paper trails, finding the patterns and asking the questions others ignore.
Reporter's notebook

How We Found Oscar's Story

ICIJ member Ana Arana talks about the reporting process behind the six-month investigation about a Guatemalan tragedy published by ProPublica, Fundacion MEPI and This American Life.

Exploiting the statute of limitations

Criminal Justice, Italian-Style

Leo Sisti’s new book delves into the mysteries of Italian criminal trials and finds that 23 years after the new code of criminal procedure was enforced, the result has been disastrous.
Lessons from a hack

How To Be a Great Investigative Journalist

The first thing to keep in mind about investigative journalism is that it’s not glamorous. (We can blame television with its “undercover” reporters and “hidden cameras” for this mistaken image.) It’s actually hard, and often boring work.
ICIJ Members

Interviews With Two ICIJ Greats

Investigating Power is a new online multimedia project from ICIJ founder Chuck Lewis, reporting on and interviewing some of America’s best journalists about the craft of investigative journalism - including ICIJ's very own Bill Kovach and Florence Graves.
ICIJ Member Stories

Finding the victims of surveillance

Behind the groundbreaking expose by Swedish ICIJ members Sven Bergman, Joachim Dyfvermark and Fredrik Laurin on the cooperation between Swedish-Finnish telecommunications company Teliasonera and oppressive regimes in Belarus, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.
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