Implant Files

ICIJ kicks off #GivingNewsDay with an Insiders challenge (and gift!)
Vanessa Chebli · November 27, 2018

Support independent journalism! Join our ICIJ Insiders community today and we’ll send you brand-new ICIJ and Implant Files stickers.

US plans ‘significant modernization’ for medical device approval
Spencer Woodman · November 26, 2018

The Food and Drug Administration said it will make the most significant changes in a generation of how the agency clears devices for sale.

Breast Implant Injuries Kept Hidden As New Health Threats Surface
Sasha Chavkin · November 26, 2018

Manufacturers fought to get implants back on the market. Regulators gave in. Now thousands of patients are paying the price.

Experts Warn Expanded Heart Valve Use Risks Patient Safety
Cat Ferguson and Petra Blum · November 26, 2018

In a world full of dizzying innovation, marketing blitzes and conflicts of interest, doctors and patients must decide: how much risk is too much?  

Implant Files prompt immediate response, before first stories published
Will Fitzgibbon and Martha M. Hamilton · November 25, 2018

Government regulators, industry lobbyists and medical experts scrambled to get ahead of ICIJ’s latest investigation, the Implant Files, before the first word was even published.

ICIJ publishes new investigation: the Implant Files
ICIJ · November 25, 2018

ICIJ partnered with more than 250 journalists in 36 countries to examine how devices are tested, approved, marketed and monitored.

Medical Devices Harm Patients Worldwide As Governments Fail On Safety
ICIJ · November 25, 2018

A global investigation reveals the rising human toll of lax controls and testing standards pushed by a booming industry.

Medtech Giant Pushes Boundaries As Casualties Mount And Sales Soar
Sydney P. Freedberg and Scilla Alecci · November 25, 2018

From garage startup to global dominance, Medtronic bent and broke rules in its relentless pursuit of success.

How Lobbying Blocked European Safety Checks For Dangerous Medical Implants
Simon Bowers · November 25, 2018

Confidential injury and malfunction reports have tripled in less than 10 years in many countries