Implant Files

Investigative Reporting: Shoe-leather, data and empathy
Sasha Chavkin · December 10, 2018

For one reporter working on the Implant Files investigation, discovering the sisterhood – and the power – of women-led patient groups was an eye-opening experience.

Looking for answers in blacked-out documents and hidden records
Scilla Alecci · December 6, 2018

How reporters fought for accountability on health risks and conflicts of interest tied to medical devices.

What is TAVR? Five takeaways from our investigation into a new heart valve device
Cat Ferguson · December 5, 2018

TAVR, or TAVI, is a heart valve replacement that can be implanted without open heart surgery – but there’s not much long-term data on the device.

Hidden dangers: patients, doctors not informed of defective implants
Spencer Woodman · December 4, 2018

Flaws found in hundreds of medical devices trigger safety alerts or recalls by manufacturers each year. Too often these vital warnings fail to reach patients and doctors.

‘Deeply concerned’ by Implant Files, Canada vows to strengthen medical device oversight
Sasha Chavkin · November 30, 2018

Health authorities said they will improve oversight of medical devices, after the Implant Files investigation revealed failures to protect Canadian patients.

Everything You Need to Know About the Implant Files
Hilary Fung and Antonio Cucho Gamboa · November 30, 2018

Our year-long investigation uncovered the harm caused by poorly-tested medical devices. Here’s what we found.

Doctors demand to see medical device safety evidence in Europe
Simon Bowers · November 30, 2018

Senior doctors, consumer groups and transparency campaigners want manufacturers of high-risk medical devices to be forced to make safety data public.

‘We won’t tolerate opacity’: Health officials pledge reform in Europe after Implant Files
Will Fitzgibbon · November 28, 2018

Regulators and advocates are calling for more transparency and better patient protection in response to ICIJ’s investigation into the medical devices industry.

Patients Fight For Answers As Broken Implants Cause Unseen Agony
Spencer Woodman · November 27, 2018

Millions worldwide live with faulty medical devices inside them that have been taken off the market.