Implant Files

New Database Tracks Faulty Medical Devices Across The Globe
Emilia Díaz-Struck · November 25, 2018

The International Medical Devices Database empowers patients, doctors and regulators with unprecedented knowledge.

Frequently asked questions and resources for readers
Amy Wilson-Chapman · November 25, 2018

This resource aims to arm readers with information that makes informed decisions about medical devices easier.

Video: Meet The Patients With Defective Devices
Razzan Nakhlawi · November 25, 2018

We listened to hundreds of stories from patients with poorly-functioning medical devices. Here are five of them.

Do events in the Implant Files sound familiar? Share your story with the world
ICIJ · November 25, 2018

Reporters across the world want your help.

Video: A Global Investigation Into Medical Device Harm
Scilla Alecci · November 25, 2018

Patients around the world have become unwitting test subjects for new medical technology. Often following the trusted advice of their doctors, they have been injured, maimed and killed by poorly-tested implants.

Video: Why Join The Implant Files Investigation?
Razzan Nakhlawi · November 25, 2018

Reporters explain why they decided to investigate medical device harm with ICIJ reporters.

About The Implant Files Investigation
Fergus Shiel · November 25, 2018

The Implant Files is a global investigation that tracks the harm caused by medical devices that have been tested inadequately or not at all.