ICIJ’s World Bank probe draws global attention
Sasha Chavkin, Michael Hudson and Hamish Boland-Rudder · April 20, 2015

Media outlets around the world have published the findings of the Evicted and Abandoned investigation, but the bank itself is yet to provide a full response.

Ricci heiress convicted for tax evasion using HSBC
Martha M. Hamilton · April 14, 2015

The heiress to a major fashion empire has been sentenced to prison for tax evasion in the first of 50 cases expected in France.

French set €1b bail as HSBC probe goes beyond Swiss branch
Martha M. Hamilton · April 10, 2015

Prosecutors are expanding a criminal investigation to include the bank’s global operations, as tax policy becomes a UK election issue.

More regulatory issues ‘likely,’ HSBC exec reportedly admits
Martha M. Hamilton · April 2, 2015

Banking giant HSBC continues to face questions about its ability to block transactions that facilitate law breaking.

Criminal trial requested as HSBC faces growing pressure
Hamish Boland-Rudder · March 20, 2015

A former HSBC boss and current UK politician has denied “being asleep” at the wheel of the bank, as authorities continue building cases against HSBC.

‘Fundamental change’ in EU tax rules after LuxLeaks
Will Fitzgibbon · March 18, 2015

European countries will share details of previously secret tax deals as part of a proposed new rule that cites ICIJ’s investigation as a key motivator.

BBC Trust chair asked to resign amid HSBC revelations
Hamish Boland-Rudder · March 10, 2015

HSBC’s leaders faced another session of intense questioning in the UK as the fallout over Swiss Leaks continues.

As World Bank admits failures, safeguards questions remain
Sasha Chavkin, Michael Hudson and Ben Hallman · March 5, 2015

The bank’s sudden about-turn on evictions linked to its projects comes days after ICIJ and partners submitted questions on resettlement policies.

World Bank president admits ‘deep concern’ on evictions
Sasha Chavkin · March 4, 2015

The bank has conceded broad failures in its resettlement policies, and admitted a lack of oversight of projects and borrowers.