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Offshore Leaks data revealed

Learn how to use the ICIJ Offshore Leaks Database

how we built the offshore leaks databaseA new video tutorial explains everything you need to know about how to use ICIJ's Offshore Leaks Database. Follow these steps to search more than 100,000 secret entities by country, keyword or by accessing the raw data directly.
Data journalism

How We Did It: Cracking the Codes

cracking the codesFred Schulte, Joe Eaton, David Donald and Gordon Witkin of the Center for Public Integrity have won 2012’s Philip Meyer Award, recognizing journalism done using social science research methods. Here the Center's data editor, ICIJ's David Donald, explains the computer-assisted analysis behind the story.
Data journalism

How To Cultivate a 'Data State of Mind'

data state of mindMar Cabra is one of ICIJ's data journalism gurus and is at the forefront of investigative journalism and journalism education in Spain. Here she discusses data journalism: its role in investigative reporting and the essential tools and skills for this field.
Data journalism

Get Started in CAR with these Excel Tutorials

excelDipping your toe into Computer-Assisted Reporting? We know most newsrooms don't offer training in this area, so we have put together some video tutorials demonstrating relatively simple Excel functions to help you wrangle spreadsheet data and find meaning in your numbers.
Data journalism

Against All Spanish Odds

‘Spain is different’ has been the tourism slogan for the Southwestern European country for years, since dictator Francisco Franco’s regime used it in the 60’s. I’d argue Spain is different for something else too: its lack of transparency.
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